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This is a big
F**king problem.

We Have a Big
F**king Solution.

let's talk trash. let's talk trash.

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Ever Heard of OBP?

(Ocean Bound Plastic)

The short version is that it sucks.

What Is
Ocean Bound

Ocean bound plastic is discarded materials within 50 kilometers of our seas, streams, rivers, and lakes that is likely to enter the ocean. OBP is a critical element in the fight against the plastic pollution crisis. About 80% of the oceans’ plastic contamination is from land so capturing OBP before it becomes ocean plastic is one of the most impactful solutions to this global crisis.

We believe the plastic crisis can be solved now.

Talk Trash isn't some TEDx-lite, kum-ba-yah session about saving the world. It's the realization that while plastic isn't a dirty word, it is a dirty business. It's also proof that one man's trash...well, you get it.

We believe the plastic crisis can be solved now
From Trash to Treasure

From Trash to Treasure.

AE Global has already launched the first of this program in the Dominican Republic. We are looking for partners to help us expand our reach. Talk Trash could be your sustainability impact story. Unapologetic, bold, and white labeled. We told you we have big ideas. Interested?

This Is How We
Make the magic Happen.


The plastic
is collected.

We pay fair wages to members of the community to collect plastic. By employing locals, employment numbers increase and stimulate the local economy.


The plastic gets

The collected plastic is separated and run through our recycling process to be in a raw state again, ready for new life.


packaging is born.

The renewed, processed plastic is moved into production, becoming various forms of sustainable packaging solutions.

The Company We Keep.

Fellow change-makers, innovators and experts we partner with to combat this crisis.


ORG’s recycling facility in the Dominican Republic safely and efficiently collects, cleans, sorts, bales, and ships ocean-bound plastic to be re-introduced into the packaging supply chain. ORG diverts ocean bound plastics to help companies achieve sustainability goals. In 2023, ORG expects to recover 24 million pounds of ocean bound plastic, equating to 528 million plastic bottles.


rePurpose Global is the world’s leading Plastic Action Platform, pioneering solutions that enable organizations to take action on their plastic footprints and support waste entrepreneurs to recover plastic from nature. Through rePurpose Global’s Impact Projects, they are building waste management systems and infrastructure where they’re most needed to fight plastic pollution. rePurpose Global is not just recovering plastic waste, but has a range of solutions that support brands to take action on their plastic footprints, by driving collaboration at a global scale.

Our plastic recovery efforts are also tracked, measured, verified and certified by our partner, rePurpose Global.

More Questions?
We’ve Got answers.

  • For every additional kilogram of plastic waste recovered from the environment, one verified plastic removal credit is generated on behalf of the brand. For every additional kilogram of plastic waste recovered from the environment, one verified plastic removal credit is generated on behalf of the brand. For every additional kilogram of plastic waste recovered from the environment, one verified plastic removal credit is generated on behalf of the brand.
  • The TalkTrash program focuses on supporting two different businesses that are both validated by third party organizations.  Ocean recovery Group is a Zero Plastics Ocean certified OBP collector and recycler and has audits performed by Control Union.  rePurpose Global is certified by Control Union: a third-party auditor, and Verra-qualified Validation & Verification Body. They can also align their impact to enable Verra Plastic Credits, Ocean Bound Plastic Certification, SA8000 for social accountability, Control Union CWP, and more.

  • We firmly believe that addressing significant challenges requires countless small efforts to enact genuine change. Though the mission to diminish plastic waste may seem daunting, if every company worldwide made incremental investments toward solving this issue, it would lead to substantial outcomes.

  • Verified Plastic Recovery (or ‘VPR’) refers to the ethical collection, removal, and recovery of plastic waste from the natural environment, employing a method that meticulously tracks and verifies the entire process

    In a world where plastic production is at an all-time high, yet infrastructure for collecting and processing plastic waste remains insufficient, financing VPR (Verified Plastic Recovery) means averting the leakage of plastic into oceans and other delicate ecosystems. Even when plastic is gathered, there are better solutions to simply dumping it in landfills or incinerating it. At rePurpose Global, VPR entails recycling all recyclable materials and seeking the most environmentally friendly solutions for plastics that cannot be recycled.

    VPR encompasses the collection, sorting, and ethical processing of nature-bound ‘additional’ plastic waste, with detailed data recorded at every stage. The process and its accompanying data are supported and verified by the rePurpose Global team, and subject to independent audits.

    Verified Plastic Recovery at rePurpose Global also extends benefits to waste workers and local communities.

  • Our processing and collection facility is in the Dominican Republic. Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, there are numerous additional locations in South Asia.

  • Our customers have the option to choose the project they support, which encompasses our facility in the Dominican Republic, as well as the extensive roster of projects verified by rePurpose Global.

  • We believe in stopping plastic from getting into the oceans. This doesn’t mean that collecting waste already in the ocean isn’t important, just our business model is solely focused on Ocean Bound Plastic vs ocean plastic.

  • Through the funding of collection efforts, we are able to bring outside investment to areas of the world that rarely see capital for waste management. Our brand partners assist in the funding of high dollar collection fees compared to the standard valuation of discarded waste.

  • In the Dominican Republic our material is hand sorted and inspected for value. Once a material is identified as usable in the supply chain it is grouped together for washing, flaking, and baling into large totes. The material is then marketed and sold into various plastic supply chains.

  • Since 2021 the Ocean Recovery Group has collected the equivalent of over 19 million pounds. rePurpose Global has collected over 54 million pounds of at-risk plastic!

  • We currently process PP, HDPE, and PET.

  • Zero Plastic Oceans and Control union.

  • AE Global is a customer of rePurpose Global for various product lines that are being offset. At the same time our recycling facility, Ocean Recovery Group, is a validated project in the rePurpose Global network. We believe in their mission and values and work hard to promote all aspects of rePurpose Global. We do not have any legal affiliation or mutual ownership.

  • Ocean Recovery Group and repurpose Global are for profit businesses.

  • No. We believe that any amount of contribution to this movement is worthwhile. Our goal as a steward of plastic action is to make this process of contributing as seamless as possible without large barriers to entry.

  • There are various levels of adoption available for a brand or product line. The cost of material collection through rePurpose global is $0.55 cent per kg. Our goal as a packaging provider is to align with a brand on their sustainability goals and incorporate the rePurpose Global collection efforts at a neutral cost basis.